Building regulations

In general, most building work needs formal approval.

This could be anything from the erection of a new building to extensions, alterations, changes of use or a new chimney.

There are certain buildings and work that are exempt from control. This is generally because they are controlled by other legislation. These include buildings not frequented by people; greenhouses and agricultural buildings; temporary structures (less than 28 days) and small detached buildings under 15 sq. m., such as small garden sheds.

There are two methods of applying for Building Regulations Approval:

Full Plans approval submission

“Full Plans” means the submission of fully-detailed plans, specifications, calculations and other supporting details to enable the Building Control Surveyor to check compliance with building regulations. You should include a location plan showing where the building is relative to neighbouring streets.

You can download the Full Plans application form at the side of this page.

Full Plans applications can be submitted online by following this link.

Building Notice application

The Building Notice method does not normally involve the submission of detailed plans and is most suitable when small works are being carried out.

It should be noted, however, that in certain circumstances some plans and details may be required to enable us to carry out necessary checks. This type of application cannot be used where the building is to be put to a designated use. It helps if you submit a marked-up sketch showing the location of the building.

You can download a Building Control notice form at the side of this page.