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FAQs: Grasmere Avenue Development Site

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

The council is working with residents to ensure any problems are swiftly addressed.

  1. At what times of day or night are the developers, McDermott Homes, permitted to carry out works on the site?
    1. The outline planning application approved by South Ribble Borough Council in 2016 – and all other subsequent applications or revisions to the original – state that construction development works are allowed to take place between 8:00am and 6:00pm, Monday to Friday; and 8:00am until 1:00pm on Saturdays; with no construction to take place on Sundays, Bank Holidays or Public Holidays - unless otherwise agreed.
  2. Complaints have been received that work has started prior to 7.30am. Is this true?
    1. We've investigated all complaints, but when Planning Enforcement Officers have visited the site between the hours of 7am and 8am, they have only noted people setting up work, as opposed to actual construction works.
  3. After entering the construction site, the developer’s heavy-use vehicles are spreading mud all the way down Grasmere Avenue. What is the council doing about this?
    1. We have reminded the developer, McDermott Homes, that they should be properly and thoroughly cleaning the tyres of their vehicles, after each separate time they finish and leave the site, using an industry-standard power washer to prevent the spread of mud onto nearby residential roads.  A road sweeper is also utilised at the end of the working day to ensure the public highway is left as clean as possible once the site is closed.
  4. Can you please remind residents of the details of this planning application and what has been approved for construction?
    1. Consent was given to the creation of 160 new dwellings.  This is to meet the housing needs targets that are set by the Government, and which we are obliged to meet. Some of this will be affordable housing.
  5. What does Lancashire County Council Highways have to say about the access to the site, and the damage being done to roads, as the responsible authority for highways in the borough?
    1. Lancashire County Council have given their consent for access via Grasmere Avenue and have no objections there.  Both they and we continue to closely monitor the situation – carrying out regular inspections, site visits, issuing reminder notices, and taking photographs of the area.  We welcomed the fact that on Wednesday 5 September 2018, minor repairs were carried out to the carriageway: this demonstrates Lancashire County Council and South Ribble Borough Council are working together, showing that we are taking responsibility, care and consideration for the road and its residents.  We encourage this to continue, and have received notification that many of the aggrieved parties feel content with the remedial works that have taken place. This is good news and we welcome that.
  6. What can I do if I want to make a formal complaint to the borough council?
    1. There are many ways to get in touch, and we welcome you to voice any concerns you have, or specific issues you have experienced, due to the construction works or vehicles. Please telephone us on 01772 62 5400 or email enforcement@southribble.gov.uk and you will be put in contact with a member of the Planning Enforcement Team, who will gladly assist you.
  7. How will you hold McDermott Homes to account, if they fail to comply with the conditions you’ve set them, and if residents continue to voice concerns?
    1. We fully understand and respect our residents’ opinion – that is why we urge people to contact us as soon as they experience any issue relating to this site. We are in regular contact with McDermott Homes and continue to advise of and enforce our planning conditions; monitoring the site regularly to ensure the Developers are complying with the planning conditions.
  1. To whom should I report dangerous driving by the developer's HGV drivers?
    1. We're aware that some of the HGVs are being reversed dangerously down the road, and we have received complaints to this effect. We agree with residents that this is concerning, and would urge them to call the police as they are able to enforce highways matters of this nature. Residents can also email leyland.npt@lancashire.pnn.police.uk.