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New Syrian Bistro launches in Leyland

New Syrian Bistro launched in Leyland – offering a delicious taste of the Syrian culture right on your doorstep as part of a unique Syrian refugee resettlement programme.

The programme, led in partnership with South Ribble Borough Council and Brothers of Charity, aims to resettle Syrian families in South Ribble providing them with access to vital services and support to make their adjustment to life in the UK as seamless as possible.

The innovative Syrian Bistro was developed to encourage the resettled families to share their rich culture through food and entertainment while using the opportunity to experience working and socialising amongst the local communities.

Local Authorities have responsibility for resettlement of refugees into their area as well as assimilating them into their new communities. This is done by working with various agencies to make our refugees feel a part of and welcomed in their local area.

The Syrian Bistro will be based at the Roccoco Café in Leyland and will take place one Saturday a month. There will be tickets available for 30 people per session who will receive a Syrian three course mezze banquet style meal with authentic cold and hot beverages with entertainment. All will be prepared and provided by our Syrian families.

Tickets cost £16.00 per person and are available by calling Annabelle Draper, Team Leader  of the Food Based Enterprises at Brothers Charity on 07557 568 724 between 10am – 4pm.

Syrian Café dates are as follows:


29 June

27 July

24 August

28 September

26 October

23 November


25 January

22 February

28 March

25 April

23 May

27 June

Councillor Aniela Bylinski Gelder, Cabinet Member for Community Engagement, Social Justice and Wealth Building at South Ribble Borough Council said, “This is a fantastic initiative. South Ribble is such a welcoming community and I am delighted that there is an opportunity for the Syrian and UK communities to come together in this way.

“Since 2016 we have resettled eight Syrian families and we are immensely proud of their progress so far. The Bistro will also be employing a number of people from the families over the coming 12 months as part of this scheme, which is brilliant.

“I would encourage people to attend one of these events and experience the Syrian culture first hand.”

Darron Grundy, Chief Executive of The Brothers of Charity Service said, “The Brothers of Charity Services are proud and honoured to act in partnership with South Ribble Council and with all members of the Syrian families and our wider communities to play our part in the very positive Syrian Bistro initiative.

“The Syrian Bistro - hosted by the Brothers of Charity Services at the very popular Roccoco Café social enterprise in Leyland - will act as a very affirmative and mutually progressive opportunity to support positive cultural engagement and social interaction across all our valued communities.”

Marwa Shoufan, a Syrian refugee who has found employment at the café said, “This is a great new idea which will help refugees to integrate.

“Especially through food, people come together. I’m looking forward to making new friends and getting to know the people of Leyland.”

The service will be banquet style with all guests being sat and served at the same time.

Food will be served at 1pm with guests arriving to be seated from 12.30pm

Any special dietary requirements must be made known at the time of booking and alternate choice agreed upon.