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Current policies and guidance

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The following planning policies and guidance can be found on this page:

National Planning Policy Framework 2021

Central government planning policy is set out primarily in the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF). Originally published in 2012, this was revised in 2018 and 2019 by the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government, and again in 2021, along with updated Planning Practice Guidance which supports the NPPF.  

Joint Lancashire Minerals and Waste Local Plan

This plan, prepared by Lancashire County Council, is made up of several documents. It contains mineral and waste-specific policies/site allocations for use in determining planning applications for waste or quarry developments in the area and forms part of South Ribble Borough Council's development plan.  Lancashire County Council is reviewing the adopted Minerals and Waste Local Plan and the adopted Site Allocation and Development Management Policies Local Plan.

Local planning policy for minerals and waste

Central Lancashire Core Strategy DPD 2012

The adopted Central Lancashire Core Strategy is also used to guide the council's planning decisions. This document sets out the vision, objectives and spatial strategy for Central Lancashire. 

Central Lancashire Core Strategy (PDF) [9MB]

South Ribble Local Plan 2015

The Local Plan was adopted at Full Council on 22 July 2015.  The documents can be viewed below:

Adopted Local Plan (PDF) [7MB]

We have prepared an interactive version of the Local Plan Policies Map (adopted July 2015). You can use the interactive map to see what is allocated in different parts of South Ribble.  It allows you to identify an area of South Ribble that interests you and then view all the relevant policy designations or allocations of the land with a link to the relevant policy pages of the South Ribble Local Plan Document.  

Sustainability Appraisal (PDF) [10MB]

Inspectors' Final Report - June 2015 (PDF) [1MB]

Local Plan Policies Map (PDF) [24MB]

Local Plan Policies Map - Main Urban Area (PDF) [7MB]

The online interactive map has been removed from the website due to technical issues. A PDF version of the local plan policies map is available above which provides the current local plan designations. Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience this may cause. 

The Library of Evidence for the production of the Local Plan can be found below:

Index to library of evidence - Part 1

Index to library of evidence - Part 2

Due to significant changes in the national and sub-regional policy landscape since the adoption of the Central Lancashire Core Strategy and South Ribble Local Plan, a review of these Plans is now necessary.  Further work is also required on the Gypsy, Traveller and Travelling Showpeople Accommodation Assessment (GTAA) which will be addressed as part of the review of the Local Plan. 

The timetable for production of the documents can be found in the Central Lancashire Local Development Scheme.

G7 Green Infrastructure - Site off Langdale Road, Leyland

Early in 2017, the planning department noticed there had been a drafting error in the final version of the map accompanying the Local Plan, relating to a site off Langdale Road, Leyland.  This meant that the whole of the site was incorrectly shown as G7 - Green Infrastructure, when in fact part should have been shown as B1 - Existing Built Up Area, and part as G7 - Green Infrastructure.

Further investigation revealed that the land was given two designations early (approximately July 2012) in the process of preparing the new Local Plan. This was following an audit that was carried out by consultants, which looked at the quality and the role of all the open space in the borough.  The strip of protected woodland across the site frontage is subject to Policy G7 Green Infrastructure, and the remaining open grassed area is subject to Policy B1 Existing Built Up Areas.

During the preparation of the Local Plan, the two designations were then subject to public consultation; considered by the Government's Local Plan Examiner and found sound and as a consequence of this subsequently adopted by South Ribble Council. Therefore they are the lawful designations of the land in planning terms. It was only when printing the final map and information was sent to the printers that an error occurred and an old base layer was used which showed an earlier designation when Policy G7 covered the whole site.

A plan showing the incorrect designation -  Incorrect designation boundary map (PDF) [183KB]

A plan showing the correct designation -  Correct designation boundary map (PDF) [150KB]


Policy B1 - Existing Built Up Areas

Within the existing built up areas, as defined on the Polices map, proposals for the re-use of undeveloped and unused land and buildings, or for redevelopment, will be permitted provided that the development:

a) Complies with the requirement for access, parking and services, as set out elsewhere in this Plan;

b) Is in keeping with the character and appearance of the area; and

c) Will not adversely affect the amenities of nearby residents.


Policy G7 - Green Infrastructure 

Green infrastructure is defined in the introduction to this chapter. Development proposals should seek to protect and enhance the existing Green infrastructure.  Development which would involve the loss of Green Infrastructure (as identified on the Policies map) will not be permitted unless:

a) Alternative provision of similar and/or better facilities for the community will be implemented on another site within the locality; or

b) It can be demonstrated that the retention of the site is not required to satisfy a recreational need in the local area; and

c) The development would not detrimentally affect the amenity value and the nature conservation value of the site.


Supplementary Planning Documents

SPDs offer local planning authorities the opportunity to add guidance on specific policy areas.  They are quicker and simpler to prepare than a local plan.  Whilst they are not examined by an Inspector, an SPD is still subject to a process of consultation and engagement with relevant parties.

The purpose of SPDs is to provide guidance on the interpretation and implementation of relevant planning policies, particularly those in the Central Lancashire Core Strategy and Local Plan.

The following SPDs have been adopted:

Affordable Housing (PDF) [901KB]

Design Guide (PDF) [3MB]

Rural Development (PDF) [1MB]

Controlling Re-Use of Employment Premises (PDF) [1MB]

Open Space and Playing Pitch (PDF) [346KB]

Open space and playing pitch SPD: financial contributions

Residential Extensions (PDF) [3MB]

Renewable and Low Carbon Energy (PDF) [30MB]

Biodiversity and Nature Conservation (PDF) [683KB]

Employment and Skills (PDF) [453KB]

B2 - Village Development Supplementary Planning Document


Penwortham Town Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP)

Penwortham Town Council has prepared an NDP which covers the Penwortham Town area.  Following examination, this Plan was subject to a referendum in February 2017 when 90.2% of those who voted were in favour of the Plan being used to help decide planning applications in the area.  The Planning and Compulsory Purchase Act 2004 requires this council to "make" (adopt) the neighbourhood plan if more than 50% of those voting voted in favour.  This was done by Full Council in March 2017.

As this NDP has been adopted, decision-makers are required to take what it says into account when they consider proposals for development in the area covered by the Plan.  In addition, the Town Council will receive 25% of any Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) monies raised in their area from developments approved after the making of the Plan, rather than the 15% parish/town councils are otherwise entitled to.

The Neighbourhood Development Plan, decision statement and Examiner's report can be viewed:

  • at the Civic Centre, West Paddock, Leyland, PR25 1DH, Monday 8:30 to 17:15, Tuesday 8:30 to 17:15, Wednesday 10:00 to 17:15, Thursday 8:30 to 17:15, Friday 08:30 to 16:45.
  • at Penwortham Town Council Offices, Kingsfold Drive, Penwortham, Preston, PR1 9EQ, Monday to Thursday 8:30 to 16:30, Friday 8:30 to 13:00.
  • via the links below:

Penwortham Neighbourhood Development Plan: Decision Statement

Penwortham Boundary map (PDF) [3MB]

Penwortham Town neighbourhood development plan (PDF) [4MB]

Penwortham Examiner's Report (PDF) [168KB]

Paper copies of these documents can be provided on request from 01772 625451 or

Statement of Community Involvement


The SCI sets out how the local planning authority will consult and notify the community, businesses, and other organisations or 'stakeholders' about the development of their area. It also explains how people can get involved with the planning process, for example through the various stages of the Local Plan's production and during the consideration of planning proposals.


The SCI was adopted March 2024 and supersedes the 2013 version.


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