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Charging Schedule

The Charging schedule

The Charging Authority is South Ribble Borough Council

Date of approval by Charging Authority

This Charging Schedule was approved by South Ribble Borough Council on 24th July 2013 and it has been issued, approved and published in accordance with the Community Infrastructure Levy Regulations 2010 (as amended) and Part 11 of the Planning Act 2008.

Date of Schedule Taking Effect

The Charging Schedule will come into effect on 1st September 2013

The CIL Rates

CIL Rates
Development CIL Charge
Dwelling houses (excluding apartments)£65 sqm
Apartments£0 sqm
Convenience retail (excluding neighbourhood convenience stores)£160 sqm
Retail warehouse, retail parks, and neighbourhood convenience stores£40 sqm
Community uses£0 sqm
All other uses£0 sqm


Uses are defined in Apprendix one.

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