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Additional planning and building control charges

Planning fees
Plan location plans122600/9216/ORDPLANZ£ -
Plan printing A0122600/9215/PLANA0S£ 3.30
Plan printing A1122600/9215/PLANA1S£ 3.03
Plan printing A2122600/9215/PLANA2S£ 2.48
Plan printing A3122600/9215/PLANA3S£ 1.94
Plan printing A4122600/9215/PLANA4S£ 0.11
Decision notices122600/9215/DECNOTES£ 16.75
Planning fees122600/9301N 
Planning pre-application advice122600/9397/PREPLANS 
South Ribble Local Plan122600/9250/SRLOCALZ£ 41.00
Map only122600/9250/MAPN£ 25.63 
Personal searches 1.1122600/9541Z 
Personal searches 1.3122600/9541N£ 5.13
Personal searches 3.1122600/9541N£ 2.56
Personal searches 3.9122600/9541N£ 15.38
Personal searches 3.10122600/9541N£ 2.56
Personal searches 3.11122600/9541N£ 2.56
Personal searches additional info122600/9541N£ 46.13
Community Infrastructure Levy406105/0140N 
Pre-application advice 122600/9397O 


Building Control fees
Building Regulations Commercial123100/9302/COMMERCS 
Building Control Completion Certificate123100/9215S£ 30.00
Building Regulations Domestic Alterations123100/9302/DOMALTS 
Building Regulations Domestic Extension123100/9302/DOMEXTS 
Building Regulations Industrial123100/9302/INDUSTRS 
Building Regulations New House123100/9302/NEWHOUSS 
Street Naming and Numbering123800/9302O 
Building Regulations Copies123100/9215S£ 30.00
Additional Building Regulation Info (written)123000/9351O

£ 47.11

Building Regulations ‐ CON29R123000/9351O£ 6.15
BC Personal Search 1.1j (electronic)123000/9351S£ 4.31
BC Personal Search 1.1j (written)123000/9351S£ 6.15
BC Personal Search 1.1k (electronic)123000/9351S£ 4.31
BC Personal Search 1.1k (written)123000/9351S£ 6.15
BC Personal Search 1.1l (electronic)123000/9351S£ 4.31
BC Personal Search 1.1l (written)123000/9351S£ 6.15
BC Personal Search 3.7a123000/9351S£ 4.31
BC Personal Search 3.8123000/9351S£ 6.15


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