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Thriving Communities

Thriving communities are places where...

  • Residents have positive mental health
  • People get involved and have a sense of belonging
  • Communities can access services and support when they need them

South Ribble will...

Deliver Music in the Park 2023
Develop social prescribing in South Ribble
Create community support spaces
Deliver the Cost of Living action plan


How will we know we're succeeding?

  • Number of people referred to social prescribing service (Baseline)
  • Annual value of savings for Credit Union members with Family Loans (£7,500, Annually)
  • The number of claimants as a proportion of resident population of area aged 16-64 is better than North West average (Quarterly)
  • Number of residents participating in activities delivered by the Council (2000, Quarterly)
  • Number of people who have successfully completed basic digital skills training (300, Annually)
  • The percentage of the population with NVQ level 3 or above will increase (Annually)
  • The percentage of people who feel they belong to their local area will increase (Resident Survey)
  • The percentage of people who feel involved in the local area and decision making will increase (Resident Survey)
  • The percentage of people who think the Council acts on the concerns of local residents will increase (Resident Survey)

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