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A fair local economy that works for everyone

A council that...

  • Increases access to training and jobs
  • Grows and supports sustainable businesses
  • Invests in improving the borough

South Ribble will...

Deliver the Economic Strategy
Develop green energy schemes for local businesses
Deliver the South Ribble Skills Factory
Develop town centres as vibrant multi-use spaces


How will we know if we're succeeding?

  • Number of Business Engagements / support provided by the Council (Quarterly)
  • % (average) of Social and Local Economic Value Added from contracts (10%, Annually)
  • The overall employment rate in South Ribble will be greater than the North West average (Quarterly)
  • The percentage of 16 - 17 year olds not in education, employment or training (NEET) is reduced (3.5% 2019, Quarterly)
  • Median workplace earnings in the borough will be better than the national average (Annually)
  • Median earnings by residence (residents of South Ribble) will be better than the national average (Annually)

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