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Instalments Policy

Community Infrastructure Levy: Instalments policy and payment in kind

In accordance with Regulations 69(b), 73 and 74 of the Community Infrastructure Levy (Amendment) Regulations 2011 South Ribble Borough Council (The Charging Authority) will accept the following methods of payment.

Paying CIL in the form of Land or Infrastructure

In those circumstances that the authority resolve are acceptable it will accept land and/or infrastructure in lieu of the CIL payment where through independent assessment it has been demonstrated that the land and/or infrastructure is of same value of the CIL that would have been payable on any given site. The infrastructure would cover for example, although not exclusively, such areas as highways, community facilities, health or education provision.

Instalments Policy
Total CIL LiabilityNumber of instalments and amount payablePayment period
Amount less than £10,000 or amount due in respect of a single dwelling1100% payable within 60 days of commencement notice
Between £10,000 & £20,00021st instalment 50% within 60 days
2nd instalment 50% within 120 days
Between £20,000 & £40,0003 equal instalments1st instalment 60 days
2nd instalment 120 days
3rd instalment 180 days
Amount over £40,0004 equal instalments1st instalment 25% 60 days
2nd instalment 25% 120 days
3rd instalment 25% 180 days
4th instalment 25% 240 days



1. Where an amount payable is not received in full on or before the day on which it is due the unpaid balance of the total CIL charge becomes payable in full immediately in accordance with Regulation 70 of the Community Infrastructure Levy Regulations (as amended)

2. Where an Outline Permission permits development to be implemented in phases, each phase of the development is a separate development and will be collected in accordance with this instalments policy.

3. The Instalments Policy does not apply to any payments due under Regulation 71 of the Community Infrastructure Regulations 2010

4. Notwithstanding this Instalment Policy there is nothing to prevent the person who has assumed liability to pay CIL, to pay the outstanding amount in whole or in part in advance of the timescale specified in the policy

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