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Contaminated land register

Under Part 2A of the Environmental Protection Act 1990, all local authorities in England and Wales are required to keep and maintain a Register of land within its area that is determined as contaminated land.

All local authorities are encouraged to make arrangements for voluntary remediation with polluters, landowners or occupiers, wherever this is possible.

Sites identified as contaminated will only be entered onto the Register where remediation by the appropriate person or third party cannot be agreed. South Ribble Borough Council will then serve a Remediation Notice requiring the works to be carried out. It is at this point that certain details are required to be made public and entered onto the Register.

The Register is not intended to be a list of sites that are, have been, or may be contaminated. The Register documents enforcement action which has been taken by the authority in relation to 'clean up' of contaminated land.

The Register is a public document and is located in the Council's Civic Centre at Leyland. The Register can be viewed by members of the public free of charge during normal office hours.

There are currently no entries in the contaminated land register.

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