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Vary DPS


An application to vary the DPS Licence costs £23.

The application form must be completed and signed by the prospective Premises Licence Holder. The consent form must be completed and signed by the prospective DPS.

The application form, consent form, original Premises Licence & Summary and the fee should be sent to:

Licensing Unit
South Ribble Borough Council
Civic Centre
West Paddock
PR25 1DH

A copy of the application form and consent form should be sent to:

Lancashire Constabulary Southern Division
Licensing Unit
Chorley Police Station
St Thomas' Road

The Police have fourteen days to raise any representations to the event. If no representations are forthcoming, the Premises Licence will be amended and returned. Any Police representations that cannot be mediated out will be determined at a meeting of the Council's Licensing Sub-Committee.


Application form to vary DPS (PDF) [77KB]

DPS Consent form


Does tacit consent apply?

Yes. The Police have 14 days to object to the proposed Designated Premises Supervisor, if they don't within that time, the application is granted. If there are objections the application will be referred to a Licensing Sub-Committee for determination.

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