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Anti-fraud and corruption strategy

6. The Commitment

6.1 The Council acknowledges the effect that fraud and corruption can have on its reputation, public funds and staff morale. This document outlines the Council's stance on the prevention and detection of fraud and corruption and its aim to maintain and promote the highest standards of governance.

6.2 The prevention of fraud and corruption is the responsibility of all employees and elected members. We all need to be aware of the opportunities for fraud and corruption and be vigilant in ensuring that effective controls are in place and adhered to.

6.3 The Council has systems and procedures in place to assist it in the prevention of fraud and corruption. An overview of these arrangements is maintained through the roles of the Monitoring Officer, the Section 151 Officer, the Chief Executive, Internal Audit and External Audit.

6.4 The Council will liaise with other agencies and organisations to investigate any detected or suspected irregularities.

6.5 This document will be reviewed on an annual basis by the Monitoring Officer. Should substantial revisions to the Strategy be necessary, it will also be presented to the Governance Committee for approval. Following approval, the Strategy will be put on the Authority's website, Connect and Members' Connect.

6.6 Fraud awareness training for all elected members and employees, will be undertaken following substantial revisions to the Strategy. In addition, training will be included within the Member Induction Programme, following elections.

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