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Annual Canvass

Each year between July and November we make contact with all households in South Ribble asking you to check the details of people who are registered to vote at your address. We have a legal requirement to carry out an annual canvass each year. You need to respond to the annual canvass even if you are already registered to vote. The canvass paperwork tells you the ways in which you can respond.

Visits from South Ribble Borough Council

You may receive a visit from a door canvasser on behalf of South Ribble Borough Council. This is normal practice but to ensure you are not giving details to bogus or unsolicited canvassers you should ask to see proof of identification which all of our canvassers carry with them.​​

Information we'll hold about you

We have a statutory obligation to retain certain information about you. To find out more detail about this please read our Privacy Notice.