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Annual Canvass 2020

Annual Canvass 2020

Look out for your household canvass communication.

The easiest way to respond is online.

Every year we send a household canvass form to each residential property in the borough with the details of residents currently registered to vote at the property. We are required to publish a revised electoral register on the 1 December each year, immediately following the annual canvass.

You may receive a letter or telephone call from us. Make sure you read the contents carefully checking the information is correct and to find out if you're required to respond. If you are required to respond and you don’t, then we will send you a reminder.  If you are required to respond and have not done so after the reminder, we will attempt to contact you by telephone and then will send a final reminder.

Wherever possible where a response is required, you should consider responding online at www.elecreg.co.uk/srbc.

Click here for more information about the annual canvass.