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Community Infrastructure Levy

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

The CIL officer will be working remotely until further notice. If you need to make contact, please email CIL@southribble.gov.uk. Please do not telephone at the current time.

If your development has been impacted by the pandemic and you are experiencing financial difficulties for reasons connected to the effects of Covid-19, please contact us by email at the earliest opportunity to discuss any options that may be available to assist you.


The Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) was introduced by the government in April 2010. It allows Local Authorities in England and Wales to raise funds from developers who are undertaking new building projects in their area. The money can be used to pay for a variety of infrastructure projects that are identified on a published list known as a ‘Regulation 123 List’. The list includes highway infrastructure, public realm, green infrastructure, education provision etc. This list will be reviewed periodically following appropriate publicity.

This list can be viewed here.

An independent examiner has told us that our CIL Charging Schedule provides a suitable basis for charging the levy and therefore South Ribble have now formally approved a Charging Schedule which sets out the rate at which CIL will be charged. The only developments that are potentially subject to the charge are residential (excluding apartments) and most forms of retail development.

The Charging Schedule can be viewed here. 

Charging commenced from 1 September 2013 and any applications for the development types identified in the Charging Schedule that are determined after this date will be subject to the charge. The final report can be found here

When you make a planning application to us it will be necessary to submit additional information to us to allow us to calculate your CIL liability.  Further information and all CIL forms are available here.

For background information and advice read the document named 'Advice for applicants' here, which covers the process and how to calculate the CIL charge. This document should be read in conjunction with the CIL Charging Schedule.

The council also approved an installments scheme, which you may be eligible for. A copy of the Installments Policy can be found here. 

Please find the South Ribble Borough Council Annual Indexed CIL Rate Summary for the period 1 January - 31 December 2020 here.