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Consultation on Draft B2 SPD — ENDED 5pm, 7 August 2019



South Ribble Borough Council recently conluded a consultation which sought to ask residents for their views on a new Supplementary Planning Documents (SPDs).

An SPD provides more detail on Local Plan policies.  It is a material consideration when deciding on a planning application.

The B2 – Local Needs in Villages SPD has been introduced to supplement policy B2 in the adopted South Ribble Local Plan. The SPD sets out what evidence developers will be required to provide as part of a planning application on sites allocated under Policy B2.

The SPD does not introduce new policies. The SPD provide clarity on how policies and requirements of the Central Lancashire Core Strategy and the South Ribble Local Plan will be applied.

The consultation was open for six weeks between Wednesday 26 June and Wednesday 7 August.

It has now ended.

Thank you for your responses.