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Dementia Friendly Community

Members of the Alliance pictured here in Leyland in August 2018

South Ribble: Dementia Friendly Community

The council is immensely proud of its status as a dementia friendly community.

To ensure we retain this accreditation, year on year, we must continue our good work in the community so that people with dementia are respected and understood.

In order to achieve and retain our dementia friendly status, we must also ensure that these individuals feel properly supported, and that they feel confident they can contribute to the community.

South Ribble Dementia Action Alliance (SRDAA)

SRDAA is made up of individuals and organisations that are committed to transforming the quality of life for people living with dementia in South Ribble.

They also look to support the many people caring for friends or relatives that have dementia.

The Alliance is chaired by Anna-Marie Knipe from Birchall Blackburn Law.

Our members include Lancashire Fire & Rescue Service, Lancashire Police, Age Concern Central Lancashire, Home Instead, Preston Care and Repair, Alzheimer’s Society, and many more.

Many of the councillors at South Ribble Borough Council also play an active role in the SRDAA.

The purpose of the alliance is to provide the forum and space for organisations to come together and collaborate on key actions and priorities. As an alliance, we have agreed that we will collectively seek to:

  • Keep members informed
  • Provide members with support and trainin
  • Develop the way carers and people living with dementia are included in decisions for the future

How have we achieved our 'Dementia Friendly Community' status?

We have been working hard this year with partners in the alliance to deliver the current Action Plan (2017/18) and shortly, we will be publishing the Action Plan for 2018/2019. Over the past 12 months, the alliance has:
  • Introduced lots of new Dementia Friends awareness sessions
  • Organised and delivered SRDAA Carers’ Day on February 23, 2017
  • Raised fund for Defying Dementia at a Masquerade Ball on February 24, 2017
  • The Leyland Neighbourhood Forums holds regular Dementia Hubs at Leyland Market
  • Created the South Ribble Dementia Charter

How can you help? You can you get involved?

You can get involved and help us by:
  • Joining the alliance — in particular if you are a carer or living with dementia we would value your time to help us develop our plans and activities
  • Become a dementia friend — if you are a group, a business or an organisation, we can provide free dementia friends awareness sessions; or if you are an individual, you can do a short session online here.
Submit to be a part of the South Ribble Dementia Charter
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