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Help bin crews to keep collections going

Thursday 2 April 2020

Help bin crews to keep collections going

RESIDENTS across South Ribble are being thanked for their efforts in helping the council’s waste teams to empty bins safely and they are now appealing for further support to make sure the teams can continue to get all the bins emptied in the challenging circumstances.

South Ribble’s bin collections are continuing to run as normal but demand is increasing, and the council is urging residents to do their bit.

The council’s waste team is working hard every day, emptying 10,000 bins across the borough.

Councilor Susan Jones, Cabinet Member for Environment, said:

“We are working flat out to be able to ensure that our bin collection services can continue as normal during these challenging times.

“It’s vitally important that us as a council and the communities we serve work together to allow the services to run as smoothly as they can.

“We completely understand that as more and more people are staying at home, household waste can build up.

“While we’d like to be able to collect extra waste, we need to do what we can to ensure the service can cope.”

The council are suggesting some hints and tips residents can take on board to help them to maintain the service and to make sure it can be done in a safe way.

Councillor Jones continued:

“It’s not ideal that we are in this situation, but we all need to pull together and do our bit. Perhaps you can do what you can to reduce waste in your household so it can all be contained in the wheelie bin.

“There are lots of items which can be re-used in the home or recycled. Please see our website www.southribble.gov.uk/waste where you can find out what goes in each bin.

 “We also have to think about the risk of infection. We would ask that where you can, please be mindful of that when taking your bins back in, make sure you use gloves or clean the handles where possible as well as washing your hands.”

The waste teams at the council are thankful for all the support they are getting across the borough.

Please note that while all bin collections are running normally, we have suspended the bulky waste collections.

For information about how the coronavirus has affected council services and what we are doing to support our communities, please visit www.southribble.gov.uk/coronavirus.