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Home composting

Over half of the rubbish in most household bins can be composted instead of being sent to landfill.

Items such as fruit and vegetable peelings, tea bags, egg shells, cardboard and of course your green garden waste are able to be composted at home or through a compost bin scheme.

Your bin should ideally be positioned on an area of bare ground which allows composting creatures to enter the heap and any liquid to drain away into the surrounding soil.

Add to your bin regularly, making sure you get a good mix of materials.

Provided that you get a roughly even blend of GREENS and BROWNS that are mixed well before they go into your bin, there is no need to turn your compost.
Greens - Moist and sappy - like grass cuttings and vegetable peelings, which provide moisture.

Browns - Woody dry materials - like hedge trimmings, paper and card which provide air pockets.

A home compost bin scheme is in operation throughout Lancashire. To find out more about composting or to order a bin visit www.lancashire.getcomposting.com or call the bin order line on 0844 571 4444 (call charges may apply).