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Lost and found

If you have lost a dog, we may be able to help you find it.

If your dog goes missing, you can contact us by phone or by following the link below to do it online, and we will check our records to see if we have picked it up.

By law your dog should wear a collar ID tag with your contact details. In order for us to be able to return lost dogs quickly, it is important that contact information on tags and chips is kept up to date. If a dog is picked up by us, the first thing we will try to do is find out who owns it. If we are able to identify the dog, we will return it to its owner – together with a £100 penalty for allowing it to roam free.

If we are unable to trace or contact the owner, we will  take the dog to the kennels. You will be required to pay a release fee of £145 before you can collect your dog. Please note that, if your dog is collected outside our office hours, it will be taken straight to the kennels.

What if I've found a dog?

The first thing you need to do is tell us, so we can check our records to see if it has been reported missing.

If you have the dog at home or in your garden, for example, we will be able to come out and collect it. We would then try to identify the owners as described above.

Alternatively, if the dog is loose, we will come and collect if you report it during our office hours. If it is outside office hours and you fear the dog is acting aggressively, please call the police.

If you lose or find a dog outside office hours, you can call our emergency number on 01772 625499, where you will be asked to leave a message and we will get back to you.