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New campaign shouldn’t have a familiar ring to it!

A CAMPAIGN has been launched by South Ribble Partnership to stamp out an emerging form of domestic and mental abuse.


Coercive control – now a criminal offence in the UK – is when an individual uses manipulative, controlling behaviours to influence others, lower their self-esteem, and mentally abuse them.


As part of the ‘Sound familiar? Well it shouldn’t’ campaign, the Partnership invited students at Leyland’s Runshaw College to design posters to raise awareness of what ‘coercive control’ looks like.


Now, the winning designs, by Penwortham’s Lucy Dillon, are set to go on display across the borough.


They were unveiled at an event at the Civic Centre on Friday (June 8) attended by Lancashire Police and Crime Commissioner, Clive Grunshaw.


Now studying Graphic Design at UCLAN, Lucy, 22, said: “When I was thinking about what sort of design to go for, I wanted something that would ring alarm bells and stand out. I liked the idea of using an image of a phone full of notifications because it’s relatable.


“Coercive control is all about people being controlling and manipulative, so I wanted to represent this through the image of the phone and its barrage of messages.”


Councillor Caroline Moon, Deputy Leader of South Ribble Borough Council, showed her support for the campaign at the launch event.


She said: “Coercive control is a frightening reality for too many people in Lancashire and South Ribble. Listening to case studies at the event has only served to make me even more determined that we should stamp it out as soon as we can.


“For this reason, I’m very proud of what we’ve achieved so far, through partnership working with Runshaw College. I’m grateful to Lucy, too, for her brilliant designs which really convey the debilitating effects of coercive control – and how to recognise them.”


Lancashire Police and Crime Commissioner Clive Grunshaw added: “Anything we can do to help raise awareness of coercive control and to challenge these behaviours is a step in the right direction.


“Being controlled by a partner is not normal or acceptable and this campaign really illustrates that.”


Lancashire LGBT were consulted over the campaign as well as Safer Chorley and the South Ribble Community Safety Partnership, which works to help make the borough and even safer place to live.


Anyone who suspects they may be a victim of coercive can call Lancashire Victim Services on: 0300 323 0085 or visit www.lancashirevictimservices.org 


The posters are available to all districts and organisations working across Lancashire - email: partnership@southribble.gov.uk