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Planning enforcement

The council monitors developments to check they continue to comply with planning conditions, and reacts to potential breaches reported.

We can take action against development or use of land taking place without necessary planning or other related permissions.  Additionally, the council can act against unauthorised works to protected trees, such as those in a conservation area, and deals with complaints made about high hedges.

We try to resolve any breaches in a controlled but flexible manner. The Council's planning enforcement powers are discretionary and we should not take further action simply because there has been a breach in planning control.  Wherever possible and appropriate, this will be through negotiation with the parties involved. However, where no agreement can be reached or where there has been a deliberate abuse of the system, formal enforcement action will be taken.

Types of action include issuing notices to remedy a breach within a certain number of days and ordering an immediate stop to any activity that is in breach of planning control.

The final stage of a planning enforcement action can be prosecution in the courts, generally after a notice has not been complied with. This can lead to a conviction and a fine. In exceptional circumstances, the council can apply for an injunction when it is believed that a serious breach is occurring or imminent.

The Council does not deal with boundary issues, party walls or restrictive covenants, these are civil matters to redress.

Please click here to view the Planning Enforcement Policy

Anonymous complaints will not normally be pursued unless other evidence suggests that the breach is causing serious harm to the environment or the amenity of residents.

You can email us - enforcement@southribble.gov.uk or write to us using the address below if you wish to report a suspected breach.

Enforcement and Monitoring Officer, South Ribble Borough Council, Civic Centre, West Paddock, Leyland PR25 1DH