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Planning, monitoring and evidence

Census Information - Every 10 years since 1801, the nation has set aside one day for the Census - a count of all people and households. The last census for England and Wales was on 27 March 2011. The information the Census provides allows central and local government, health authorities and many other organisations to target their resources more effectively and to plan housing, education, health and transport services for years to come.

You can click here to see data from the latest Census.  Please follow this link for an overview of South Ribble

Retail Centres Position Statement - a position statement on retail centres, including town and district centres, is produced once a year by the council. This includes the latest vacancy rates and use class comparison. You can view the most recent Retail Position Statement here.

South Ribble Retail Study - This report can be viewed and downloaded below:

South Ribble Retail Study - Updated 2018

Appendix 5 - Retail Capacity - Updated 2018

Employment Land Position Statement - an annual position statement on employment land produced by the council which reports the amount of allocated employment land taken up during the previous financial year. You can view the latest statement here.

Central Lancashire Employment Land Study November 2017 - These reports can be viewed and downloaded below:

Central Lancashire Employment Land Study - Key Issues Report

Central Lancashire Employment Land Study - Technical Report

Central Lancashire Local Development Scheme (LDS) - a project plan setting out the progress of emerging planning policy. You can view the Local Development Scheme here.

Statement of Community Involvement (SCI) - sets out how organisations and members of the public will be consulted on emerging planning policy and planning applications. The latest version can be viewed here.

South Ribble Monitoring Report - provides a useful update on planning monitoring over the previous financial year and highlights the need for updates/modifications to current/emerging policies. Click here to download the latest document.

Central Lancashire Core Strategy Monitoring Report - provides useful information much the same as the South Ribble Monitoring Report above but it covers South Ribble, Chorley and Preston districts, (Central Lancashire Area). Click here to download the latest document.  

Housing Land Position Statement Incorporating update to Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment (SHLAA) - This gives details of housing completions during the last financial year and the future housing supply in South Ribble, together with an update to the housing land availability in the borough.  The latest version of this document (updated each July) is available here.  (Please note:  Appendix 4 of this document was replaced in August 2019 to include several sites which had been mistakenly omitted.)

Central Lancashire Strategic Housing Market Area Assessment (SHMAA) 2017 - a survey of the local housing market to assess local housing needs. It can be viewed here.

The Central Lancashire 2019 Gypsy and Traveller and Travelling Showperson Accommodation Assessment (GTAA) analyses the latest available evidence to identify the accommodation needs of Gypsies and Travellers and Travelling Showpeople across the study area.  The assessment can be downloaded here.

Central Lancashire Open Space and Playing Pitch Study 2012 - an evidence base document on the current availability and future open space and playing pitch needs which has informed the Open Space and Playing Pitch SPD. You can view more details of the study here. Additionally, you can view the Playing Pitch assessment here, the corresponding strategy here, and the Open Space Audit Report here.

Central Lancashire Strategic Flood Risk Assessment 2007 - an evidence document assessing the flood zones within Central Lancashire and providing technical evidence to support current and emerging planning policies and support decision-making on planning applications. You can view more details about this assessment here.

Conservation Areas - there are eight conservation areas within the borough. These are allocated through the Local Plan. The council has produced conservation area appraisals and management plans for each conservation area which can be downloaded below:

Church Brow, Walton-le-Dale

Church Road, Bamber Bridge

Greenbank Road, Penwortham

Leyland Cross

Penwortham St Mary's

Rawstorne Road, Penwortham

Sandy Lane, Leyland

Walton Green, Walton-le-Dale

Heritage - an important consideration within South Ribble. There are 145 listed buildings, four scheduled ancient monuments and two registered parks and gardens. For further information and advice on heritage assets please see the Historic England website. Contact the council for advice on conservation area works or listed building consent.