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Press & Media Team (Communications Office)

Welcome, from the Council's Communications Team...

If you're here in relation to one of the following concerns, you're in the RIGHT PLACE:

  • Media enquiries (email) — CLICK HERE TO EMAIL US

  • Media enquiries (phone) — CALL 01772 625 312

  • Photo consent form (coming soon)

However, if you're after the following, you're in the WRONG PLACE, so please click on the appropriate link below in order to be redirected:

Media enquiries
  • The council's communications team is based in Leyland at the Civic Centre. It is responsible for internal and external communications – including questions from the press (journalist enquries), interview requests, and the publication of content to this website (www.southribble.gov.uk) and the council's Twitter page and Facebook page.
  • We are here to help – you can email your media enquiry to communications@southribble.gov.uk.
  • We are also contactable via telephone – call 01772 625 312.