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Procurement policy and strategy

The council operates a shared procurement service with Chorley Council as part of a wider financial shared service partnership.

South Ribble Borough Council and Chorley Council share a Joint Procurement Strategy which defines the framework for promoting effective and responsible procurement across both councils and includes a number of targets and actions to deliver the following four joint procurement priorities:

• Procurement that is effectively managed and monitored complying with relevant rules both internal and external
• Procurement that engages all buyers/commissioners, is market aware and delivers sustained competitiveness and value for money
• Procurement that is inclusive, sustainable and socially responsible
• Procurement that works with partners and suppliers to everyone's advantage and exploits the benefits of technology.

The Joint Procurement Strategy can be viewed here.

The council has also adopted a Sustainable Procurement Policy and encourages its suppliers and contractors to adopt, practice and promote sustainable policies and procedures. The Sustainable Procurement Policy can be viewed here.