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South Ribble Dementia Charter

A community of businesses, services and communities working towards a Dementia Friendly Community

As a Dementia Friendly Community, we are committed to ensuring people with dementia feel understood, valued and are able to contribute to their community.

This is why we launched the South Ribble Dementia Charter on 21st May 2018, Dementia Action week.

We want to encourage businesses, community groups, service and public sector organisations to become part of the Charter Community, so that we can ensure South Ribble’s town centres and places where people go are Dementia Friendly and supportive.

The Charter is simple; there are 4 pledges that members make;

  1. Members of our group/organisation become Dementia Friends

  2. When we consider new policies or strategies we will make sure people living with Dementia are considered

  3. Our place of business/work is friendly and welcoming and we consider the way it is designed/looks to help people with Dementia have a positive experience

  4. Any events we hold, we make sure we consider the needs of people living with Dementia so that they are able to fully participate in community life

We are committed to raising awareness by adopting the charter and taking a few small steps we can support people living with Dementia to continue to participate in community life and live well.

You can download the Charter and submit it to the Dementia Action Alliance and once awarded Charter Status, you organisations will then be listed in our Living Well Guide, due to be published September 2018.

Click here to download and submit the Charter.