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Storm Eva

During Storm Eva in December 2015, a total of 159 residential and 25 business premises in South Ribble were flooded. The Government made funding available assisting homeowners and businesses to better prepare for future flooding events, both to prevent flood water entering the property and to speed recovery where it cannot be prevented.

South Ribble Borough Council made payments totalling £405,330 to 93 households and businesses in the borough using this funding pot.

Over the last two years the council has supported those flooded to identify appropriate ways to prevent or reduce the impact of future flooding and encouraged the use of available funding to be better prepared. All eligible properties were advised in July 2017 that the grants scheme would be drawing to a close at the end of September 2017, there remains a few grants yet to be paid due to manufacturer delays.  

Residents in one affected area of the borough have come together to establish a Flood Action Group. Supported by flood risk management agencies such as the Environment Agency and Lancashire County Council, as well as their local ward councillor, these residents are now better prepared for any future flooding to their homes.