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Vandalism at Farington Lodges

Mindless vandals have caused £5,000 of damage at a popular South Ribble beauty spot.

Farington Lodges was targeted by the vandals, who destroyed a 6ft wooden fish sculpture, snapping it in two and leaving it beyond repair.

The damage was discovered on Monday afternoon by a resident, who informed Farington Lodges Angling Association, which is based at the site, and has been reported to police.

The fish sculpture had been specially commissioned by the council during an extensive refurbishment of the lodge in spring 2011. It was created by celebrated chainsaw artist Mick Burns.

The work was carried out to encourage more members of the community to get out and about in nature and enjoy the wildlife on their doorsteps.

Councillor Margaret Smith, Leader of South Ribble Borough Council, said:

“It is such a shame that these mindless vandals have chosen to act in this way, destroying a fantastic sculpture that has been enjoyed by so many people.

“We are always working with our communities to create improvements in their areas, and these people who have shown complete disregard and respect for this great community facility are thankfully in the minority.

“Unfortunately the sculpture is beyond repair and we will not be able to replace it in the short term as it takes time to commission and carve such a piece of art. We will have a think about what our next steps will be, but for the time being we are working with police to find the people who did this and would urge anybody who has any information to please contact police.”