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Withy Grove Park facilities

Withy Grove Park is the largest in Bamber Bridge, and it is currently being developed to become one of South Ribble’s major parks.

It includes the borough’s flagship play area and two distinct areas divided by groups of woodland. The eastern side includes Bamber Bridge Leisure Centre, sports pitches and the playground, and can be accessed from Brindle Road to the east.

The western side of the park currently consists of meadows and groups of trees and is accessed from Sergeant Street, Withy Grove Close and from the Asland Close pedestrian level crossing.

Withy Grove’s playground is one of the largest free facilities of its type in the North West, and has been designed to contain a range of equipment that caters for all ages across three different zones. The site is lit until 9pm in the toddler and junior areas and 10pm in the teen area. For security and public safety, the playground is covered by a CCTV system.

The park has seen many improvements over the past five years, including the introduction of new benches and a tree-lined avenue, the reconstruction of the rugby pitch and expanding the leisure centre’s car park.

The Friends of Withy Grove Park are always interested to hear from volunteers who would like to join to help with the environmental improvements already being carried out.

Finding Withy Grove Park

Address: Brindle Road, Bamber Bridge, Lancashire, PR5 6YJ.

Withy Grove Park is located in the centre of Bamber Bridge next to Bamber Bridge Leisure Centre.

The park is easily accessible by both public transport and car, and is approximately 1.5 miles from junction 1A of the M65 motorway. Pedestrian access can be gained to the park at several locations. There is a car park next to the leisure centre, which you can get to from Brindle Road on the eastern side of the park. A second car park can be accessed from Withy Grove Close on the northern side of the site. Public vehicles are not permitted to enter the park beyond the parking areas.