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Flooding help and assistance


Click here for our flooding homepage, containing emergency contacts, information and advice.

South Ribble Borough Council is helping residents and businesses who suffered the devastating effects of flooding during Christmas 2015.

The council has already contacted all of those residents who are eligible for grants and are progressing those applications as quickly as possible. A full list of the grants available is listed below for information.

Latest update

Almost 200 homes in South Ribble were flooded in December 2015.

At the same time, more than 2,200 properties flooded elsewhere in Lancashire and then additional homes have been flooded during more scattered events in June this year.

This has created a huge workload for the all the flood risk management authorities including Lancashire County Council, the Environment Agency and United Utilities.

Whilst each organisation has its own powers and duties, the county council is the Lead Local Flood Authority, responsible for coordinating all the different strands of the local Flood Risk Management Strategy which can be found via this link: 

The statutory investigations that the county council must undertake into the December 2015 floods (as set out in the Flood and Water Management Act 2010 Section 19) are already underway. 

These investigations will identify which Risk Management Authorities have a role in managing flooding at any particular location, and to identify whether those authorities have carried out their role appropriately.

The first report on these topics is due to be published in October 2016, following detailed appraisal by the partner organisations and by the county council's Cabinet.

Site investigations are already underway across South Ribble.

These will identify where investments and drainage system changes may benefit our communities, and these will also be published when they are complete.

Working together, the Risk Management Authorities will help each other to develop projects and access funding to deliver improvements.

In most situations, the responsibility to solve and fix the flooding problems will not lie with the councils, for example private land owners have responsibilities for managing streams and water courses crossing their land.

A South Ribble Community Resilience event was held at the Civic Centre on July 5.

A copy of the presentation from that evening can be found by clicking here.

Funding for flood-affected homes:

• Additional payments for households and individuals in need - These are for individuals and households who have particular needs, for example because they are not insured. The Community Foundation for Lancashire is administering a local discretionary fund, details of which are available here. You can also apply online here.

• Longer term, households that have been flooded may be eligible for a flood resilience grant. For an application form please click here.

Funding for flood-affected businesses:

•        Local Taxation Relief - Temporary relief in relation to Business Rates.

•        Business Support – Details of the business support package are available here

•        Support for Farmers – This support scheme is administered by DEFRA and details are available here

•        South Ribble Borough Council’s Enterprise Team have also been in touch with flood-affected businesses in South Ribble to offer help and assistance.

Bill relief for residents and businesses

United Utilities suspended water and wastewater bills for customers who were forced from their homes and businesses due to the storms. See here for details.

Home Insurance for High Flood-risk Areas

Flood Re is the national scheme designed to help provide better access to affordable home insurance for those in high flood-risk areas across the UK. It represents a long-term, sustainable approach to providing home insurance for those at flood risk.

Please click HERE to see the information leaflet and find out more about how Flood Re works.

There is also a video available to watch at: http://www.floodre.co.uk/customer-info

If you have suffered internal flooding in your home or business and you have not yet notified the council, you can do so by emailing info@southribble.gov.uk