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Resident Survey 2020

In March we launched a cross borough residents survey, the first which invited views from all residents aged 16 and over in almost a decade.

We wanted to know residents’ thoughts on their local area and the performance of the council and its communication. Thoughts about the council’s current brand and logo were also welcomed.

Over 1,600 residents responded to the survey.

Headline results:

  • Over 80% of residents satisfied with their area as a place to live
  • Nearly 70% are satisfied with the way the council runs things
  • Nearly half of people (46%) believe the council provides value for money
  • Over half of people (51%) think they are kept well informed by the council
  • Over half of residents (54%) think that the council acts on concerns of residents

Results breakdown:

Perceptions of the Council

Your Local area

Areas for improving the local area and top rated services


So, what’s next?

The results of the survey and what residents told us will be used to:

  • Make sure we have the right priorities in our Corporate Plan
  • Shape the way we deliver services

We’ve got a raft of new initiatives coming up over the next 12 months which will work to address the areas of concern raised and we will be communicating them across our website soon.

Infographic version downloads

Resident survey result overview

Full result document

Full breakdown of results