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This advice note provides information to applicants as to the minimum level of detail required to begin discussions around viability.

This advice is intended to help applicants needing to commission or undertake viability assessment. By asking the right questions up front all the necessary calculations and supporting information can be provided to us first time.

This will help to minimise delays in processing and determining planning applications. Ideally, any such discussions would form part of pre-application discussions.

It should be noted that this information is provided for guidance only. Each scheme will be considered on its merits and it is the responsibility of the applicant to demonstrate that a scheme is unviable.

In most cases a Residual Land Value assessment, from a suitably qualified person, such as a RICS surveyor, will be the most appropriate way to do this. Larger more complex residential and mixed use schemes are likely to require more complex viability models. If you are proposing a more complex scheme please contact the Planning Team as early as possible for advice.

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