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Emerging policies and guidance

South Ribble Local Plan and Central Lancashire Core Strategy - Review

The South Ribble Local Plan and Central Lancashire Core Strategy were adopted in 2015 and 2012 respectively.

Paragraph 33 of the revised National Planning Policy Framework (2021) requires policies in local plans and spatial development strategies to be reviewed to assess whether they need updating at least once every five years and we have commenced this process. 

The review is being led by the Central Lancashire Local Plan Team.  Detailed information, including the timetable for the review, is available on the  Central Lancashire Local Plan Review website or you can contact the team direct by telephone on 01257 515555 or by email

Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP)

In March 2013, Samlesbury and Cuerdale Parish Council applied for the designation of a neighbourhood area boundary with a view to developing a neighbourhood development plan.  This boundary was approved following public consultation.  The Parish Council later decided not to pursue the development of a neighbourhood development plan, however, the designated neighbourhood area boundary remains designated unless it is superseded by a further application. 

The designated area:


Neighbourhood Planning has produced a suite of resources to assist those developing a neighbourhood plan.

The resources provide practical tips and advice on various stages of the neighbourhood plan process from designating the neighbourhood area to submitting the plan for examination. They are designed for community groups to use.

If you are interested in producing a neighbourhood development plan, please contact us on to arrange a meeting for guidance, including how to apply for initial designation of your proposed area boundary. 

Further information from Neighbourhood Planning.

Emerging Supplementary Planning Documents

Central Lancashire Access to Healthy Food: This SPD is not actively being used.  It will be reviewed as part of the Local Plan review process.


Can We Keep In Touch?

If you wish to be kept informed of proposed changes in relation to planning policy (for example land use allocations, Local Plan, Core Strategy, etc), please complete and return Request for inclusion on consultation database (Word doc) [3MB]  to so we can add you to our contact list, ensuring you receive details of any proposals in relation to planning policy issues in South Ribble.

Under the General Data Protection Regulation rules, you have the right to withdraw your consent at any time.  If you want to find out more about how we use personal data, you can read our privacy policy.  



If you have any questions, please email the Planning Policy Team at or telephone us on 01772 625451.

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