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Clinical waste and medical sharps collection

We provide a domestic clinical waste collection service to households in the borough which require it.

Waste must be placed in yellow clinical waste bags. Bags need to be tied and left on your doorstep from 7.30am on the collection day.

We do not supply the yellow bags, these are provided by district nurses or similar medical professionals.

To request clinical waste collections, you will need the name of your medical professional who can confirm that the service is needed. 

Examples of clinical waste and the containers you will need:


in a yellow bagHazardous infectious clinical waste such as swabs or soiled dressings and waste from treatment areas.  
in a sharps boxSyringes, needles or other sharp instruments or glass (please note we only collect boxes with yellow lids. Only yellow lidded containers should be presented for collection. Boxes with any other colour lid should be returned to the original provider such as hospital, doctor's surgery.
in your green, household waste binMedical non-hazardous waste such as hygiene waste and sanitary protection including incontinence pads.


Medical sharps collections 

Medical sharps collections need to be booked in each time you need a collection.

To ensure a collection for the same week, you will need to make sure the collection has been booked before 12pm on Monday. If booked after 12pm Monday, the collection will be the following week. 

The sealed sharps box will need to be left on your doorstep from 7am on the collection day.

We do not supply sharps boxes, these are available from district nurses or similar medical professionals, and you will require these before booking a collection. 


For more information on this service or to request a collection please call our Gateway on 01772 625625 or email us at



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