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New changing room facility unveiled at Gregson Lane Community centre

Gregson Lane

A new changing room facility has been installed at Gregson Lane Community Centre and will serve the Gregson Lane Cricket Club and can also be used as a multi-use space for a vast array of community activities off-season.

South Ribble Borough Council through its Eastern Parishes Community Hub arranged for the new facility following calls from residents to improve the previous provision which was in a poor state of repair.

The project, while a vitally need for the area, also ties into the Council's wider aim of encouraging more people to be more active. This new facility will now allow for established clubs to continue to operate in the area and could allow for more people to get into sport and be more active in their local green space.

President of the Gregson Lane Cricket Club Russell Rigby said, "I am so pleased that we now have this wonderful facility. The previous changing room provision we had was condemned and was not fit for our league - the Palace Shield - regulations.

"If the facility would not have been replaced, it would have been likely we would lose our place in the league.

"It's a great bonus for the club and the community and I'd just like to thank the Council for everything they have done, they have been really helpful and would like to offer my gratitude on behalf of the club."

The Eastern Parishes hub is Chaired by Councillor Peter Mullineaux with Councillor Gareth Watson as Vice Chair they are incredibly pleased to see this project come into fruition. Councillors Jim Marsh and Barrie Yates also are involved in the Hub and represent the wards in the area.

Chair of the Eastern Parishes Community Hub, Councillor Mullineaux said, "I'm so pleased that through the support of the Community Hub, we have been able to bring this facility to Gregson Lane.

"As local councillors for the area we are committed to supporting our local community, groups and initiatives that mean the most to them and I'm thrilled that we were able to bring this forward by working so closely with the Cricket Club.

"I look forward to seeing the club play next season!"

The South Ribble Community Hubs have been created following a review into how the council engages with their communities, understanding their needs and allowing communities to have autonomy over their community spaces.

Councillor Aniela Bylinski Gelder, Cabinet Member for Communities, Wealth Building and Social Justice, and who spearheaded the community engagement review said "Working in collaboration with our community is so valuable and we get to understand their needs and wants for their own areas.

"I'm so pleased that with this project, we have yet another success for the Community Hubs and I look forward for even more projects like this to come into life soon."

If you would like to get involved with your local Community Hub, you can find out more on the Community Hub pages.

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