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Housing Benefit and Council Tax Support change in circumstances

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Circumstances change all the time and we need to be kept informed of any new information that could affect your benefit or Council Tax support claim. 

The amount of benefit you get is based on the information you give us when you fill in your claim form. If your circumstances change, your benefit or Council Tax support may change too.

It is your responsibility to tell us straight away if your circumstances change. If you do not tell us, you may get too much benefit or Council Tax support, which you will have to repay, or you may lose out on benefit or Council Tax support you are entitled to. 


Changes in circumstances include:

  • your address
  • your pension credit, employment and support allowance, income support or job seeker's allowance stopping   
  • changes in your income or savings
  • changes to the amount of rent you pay
  • changes to the people living with you.

Report a change in circumstances

If you claim Universal Credit you must report your change to the Department for Work and Pensions using your online Universal Credit account well reporting changes to us.

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