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South Ribble set to agree over £500,000 investment into Lostock Hall

The investment will see a brand-new family wellbeing centre along with a full refurbishment to the Tardy Gate play area, ball court and skate park.

South Ribble are set to give the green light to the investment at their full Council meeting on 19 July.

Councillor Paul Foster, Leader of South Ribble Borough Council said, "I'm so pleased that today we are able to announce over half a million pounds of investment into Lostock Hall.

"It's an area which is very important to us, and we are very much aware of the need for these facilities. We have been listening to our residents - who are so passionate - and we are thrilled that we can take these proposals forward."

The improvements to Tardy Gate play area come as part of a programme which has already seen 11 play areas across the borough improved with budget allocated for a further four on top of the proposal for Tardy Gate.

The works will see:

  • The refurbishment and renewal of the existing play area
  • The refurbishment and improvement of the ball court area
  • The improvement of skate/wheeled facilities
  • An improvement of the appearance and design of the play area

A consultation into the design of the refurbished park will be launched soon.

Councillor Foster continued, "Having refurbished 11 play areas in four years with a further five on the horizon is an incredible achievement and I have no doubt children of all ages are much better off with improved facilities in their local areas.

"We understand the importance of having quality play areas and outdoor spaces right across the borough and I cannot wait to see this project continue."

The second investment proposal is for the set-up of the South Ribble Family Wellbeing Centre in the Lostock Hall area.

A review showed that there was limited accessible community assets in Lostock Hall and the neighbouring areas that can be used by agencies and voluntary groups to deliver community services.

The centre - which is set to be managed by Finleys Families CIC - will be designed to be a 'one-stop-shop' for families, expectant parents, and carers to come together and access support such as:

  • Preparation for becoming parents
  • Preparation for birthing
  • Managing pre- and post-natal emotions
  • Post-natal support
  • Education sessions with specialist partners and guest speakers
  • Social and play groups
  • General wrap-around family support.

Councillor Foster said, "This is very much about meeting the demands and needs of our residents and addressing the gaps of support in our local areas.

"We know that Lostock Hall and its surrounding areas have many families in much need of a facility such as this, and supprorting the Centre, we can allow for the charity to deliver services in a way which can reduce their annual costs, allowing them to spend their vital funding on the people who need it the most."



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