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This summer we are aiming to trial some basic rewilding of areas in Bamber Bridge and Lostock Hall to provide extra food sources for our pollinators, shelter for insects, and stepping stones for all wildlife. This just means that the grass will be cut less often than normal on some patches, to allow plants to flower and give wildlife some extra shelter.

Rewilding areas

The following areas are where we are looking to rewild.

Entrance to Cockshot Wood from Duddle Lane

Path edges will be mown, as will a strip along the boundary of Duddle Lane. The rest of the grass area will be left to grow.

Duddle Lane / Selkirk Drive junction

The area along the back of the hedge will be left unmown.

Bottom of Mansfield Drive

A strip will be mown along the boundaries and along/around the hammerhead and bollards. The rest will be left to grow.

Pear Tree Crescent to Longbrook Ave

The unmown strip along the woodland edge will be extended.

Holland House

A strip along the ditch to the east and south of the football pitch will be left unmown. We will trial one area of grass to be left unmown to the north of the estate, furthest from the houses.  

St Catherine's Park

The area to the south of the river will have the path edges mown and the rest left to grow long. The area around the war memorial will still be maintained. The area behind the playground will be cut as normal. 

Todd Lane South to the railway car park

The unmown area will be extended and only a mower width path will be cut between the trees and the railway fence, rather than all of that area.


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